Has your previous toilet seats driven you insane with their wobbling nature? Our fifth-best heated toilet seat, Bemis Radiance, might be the best solution for you. Bemis toilet seats are reputable for top-quality, novelty, and elegance both residential and commercial products globally. 

These heated toilet seats are available in a range of designs that easily incorporate any bathroom. They come with unparalleled features and benefits that make your everyday bathroom experience. It comes with a precision seat fit with front to back adjustability to fit any bowl.

Bemis Radiance comes with a heated Nightlight plastic toilet seat that closes slowly to reduce slamming, and fits snugly. To clean, the heated toilet seat is quickly and easily removable and easy to replace. 

The product is made of plastic material, weighs 4.6 lbs., and measures 26.26”x 11.16”x7.28”. Bemis offers a warranty that is limited to the US and Canada purchasers.


  • Easily detachable for cleaning
  • Fits snugly for comfort
  • Compatible with 99% of available toilets
  • Patented 
  • Fastening systems
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Grip-tight bumpers
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